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Conference background

Theoretical and empirical research on financial markets and the banking system, with special focus on the interaction among economic agents, market rules and institutions, appears of foremost importance in the aftermath of the global financial crisis.

In the last twenty years the abundance of liquidity at world level has led several times to the creation of growing trends in asset, currency or commodity prices which led to subsequent sharp falls and financial crises with serious consequences on the real sector, GDP growth and employment.

Recovery from financial crises, especially the last one in countries most hit by failures of financial intermediaries, required huge increases in public expenditure and government debts with serious consequences for tax payers.

The observation of the dynamics of the last global financial crisis, with its causes and consequences therefore urges a thorough reflection on several dimensions. Such dimensions include asset pricing models, behavioral finance, the effect of the behavior of large players on systemic risk, the role of financial education, the reform and design or supranational financial regulatory authorities, the role of capital requirement ratios.

New research contributions on all these issues will be presented and discussed in-depth in the Conference whose 22nd edition probably comes at the time of he greatest challenges ever faced by the economic and financial system.

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